Please Remember, Painters Are People With Exceptional Personalities And Bureaucracies Are Ghostly Abstractions

Round Trip Stuckism

Alena Levina

Andrew Makarov

Alexey Stepanov

Lena Ulanova

Ron Throop

We are better people than painters. I would hope both a surgeon and plumber society would admit the same. They probably do. Bureaucrats, however, seem to have a knack at de-peopling the people. Does a Russian cat meow with a strong Russian language accent? Has a United States tabby memorized the numbers to open a nuclear silo hood in Nebraska, or coded a flight pattern for a personality-killing sleeper drone? I do not mind that bureaucracies exist. I just hate with an ear-reddening rage when they pretend to acquire a personality of their own. And, it makes my tongue loll.

The Internet has freed us from the propaganda grip. The artists, as usual, shall lead the way. Here is the news. The new news. The good news. Attractive painters with very positive dispositions will depose all power that threatens human existence. Since bureaucracies are incapable of love, then they are not allowed…

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