Alexey Stepanov Is Wise To The Silly Of Control By The Very Few

Round Trip Stuckism


# 1 – Internet destroys the concept of “sovereignty”

And the sovereignty of governments is just the base of the iceberg. There are some things at the tip, and many more quite visible above the line of the cold, black sea. The old guard of art is weakening. Imagine, some painters just want to make beautiful images, and also, perhaps, tell a story. These are exceptional paintings. And not because I told you so. Definitely not because I graduated from Yale magna cum laude in modern art and critical studies. Ask a painter if I am telling the truth. A real painter. The humble kind. The humble kind who makes the art. Who makes the art?

Not the NY Times Arts page—the exchange of bored investment bankers in black Mercedes SUV’s section. Remember, remember, the 5th of November. Alexey Stepanov makes the art.

And you can come see it with your own human eyeballs…

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