Preface to Exhibition Book For Opening Night That Will Be The Greatest Art Publication In Human Memory

Round Trip Stuckism


Alexey Stepanov: Dasha is posing, lifting one foot and leaning on the bar-chair 2015. Oil on hardboard, 25 x 34 cm

Round Trip Stuckism

I often have to remind myself that Russia is not an English-speaking land. I spend some time surfing VK, the social media site popular in that country, and I forget that I am looking at hieroglyphs of a living people thousands of miles away.

I rely on the pictures to tell most of the story, and Google Translate® to clear up the rest. Still, I often get it wrong, like the time I saw a photo of Darya Serenko carrying a poster facsimile of Alexey Stepanov’s paintings being escorted into a paddy wagon by Moscow police, and I thought, “Oh no, they’re arresting Stuckism in Russia!”

It turned out that she was protesting the government’s bombardment of Syria, and just like in the United States, was…

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