The Blue Gun


From Moonlight In Groundspruce Woods


Once again I was reminded of my duty, last night, while gathering books for my daughter at the college library. I must pick the books for her schooling, because even before she was an impressionable zygote I knew it was my responsibility to introduce her into a world gone wrong. Homeschool is the only way.You can read about its wonderland later. The college library has a “teaching” materials section, and I am very fortunate to have a borrower’s card, though one must dig through the surface rot to reach the rich compost. A biography of George Washington for third graders is good for them like an LSD laced hot lunch. It is insane to prop up the individuals of the past, especially the demented kings. Once in a while I stumble upon a real winner, though. There still exist ambitious artists to create captivating text and illustration. Fortunately for our family, many sell out to the mega-billion dollar publishing industry soon after college, when their egos feel the irrepressible urge to pass the tests of American business success. The math and sciences never lack in colorful and intelligent teaching aids hot off the press. Good spelling and grammar are found in beautifully written literature “for children.” A few of these books read aloud each week have built an appreciation for language and expression that could never be “taught” by close to well-meaning elementary school teachers with pedagogic certificates and master’s degrees.

On this night I stumbled upon yet another reminder that homeschooling is the best choice for parents in a comfortable economy. It was a book depicting the lives and efforts of about 25 people who were murdered during their struggle for civil rights. Each year was dedicated to one of these real heroes. The author included detailed backgrounds of the sacrificial lambs with lots of pictures per page and official reaction from local, state and federal governments. The same old story of a young boy being shot in the face for the crime of rudeness. Some baby girls dismembered in church for praying to a dark skinned god. Full, detailed accounts of the horror and injustice of that turbulent time. It would take at least a couple of months to complete the book in a classroom setting.

Yet it would inspire just what the assimilators fear the most: a new majority of angry citizens. Several subjects could be cross taught using the reader. Subtraction and logic: Forty negros get onto a bus. Thirty-seven walk off alive. The police arrest nobody, the governor nods, and the President sneaks a parfait into Marilyn Monroe’s bed. Therefore, how many honest and good people fill positions of power? Science and government: Genetically, every human being on the planet can trace their roots to specific peoples of Central Africa. So when little Johnny pledges allegiance to the flag, he’s actually promising to defend the same institution of cowards and criminals who enabled or participated in the lynching of his ancestral brethren. History and Citizenship: In the Western Hemisphere more cultural time has passed under the presence of slavery than during its absence. 360 years of shackles, chains, whippings, and crying rapes outdate the outlawing of legalized brutality by over a two to one ratio. Every light-skinned boy and girl in America today has Thanksgiving dinner with some bigoted moron relative who would like to see the dark skins brought down by any means possible, (and vice-versa, I assume). This is the cultural reality of the present which only a true sense of history can teach. So when the light-skinned fireman dies off the job in a helmet-less ATV crash, little Johnny and Julie can practice good citizenship by stoning the magnificent firetruck funeral procession, brought to them by the racist, tax-paying grown-up fearmongers in their lives. The latter think a dead firemen is a hero even if he doesn’t die in a fire.

It can’t be helped. They learned in elementary school that once there was slavery, now there is not, so everything’s a-ok. Justice, compassion and even intelligence were never prerequisites for success in a culture of oppression. Especially for those on the right side of skin color. We need books like this brought into every school, if the powers that be truly desire a national identity. I don’t think they do. I think they want baseball fan delivery truck drivers, “Dancing With The Stars” dollar store clerks, a whole population of eyes and ears to aid in the advancement of marketing and advertising. The wizened kids make for rotten fascists. I believe that the educational landscape will not change without a national catastrophe. And the few outlaw parents who are raising children to think for themselves are probably building a new intellectual class that will not benefit at all in a race between nature’s revenge and the greed of the powerful few.

Stalin and Hitler were not very friendly to people with the most electrically active synapses. More sneaky power-ogres, like Woodrow Wilson and William Clinton, supported the stupidity of a national education to do their dirty work. Jingoism and cultural retardation cannot have generational support when all the children are taught out of love to direct their anger upon the guilty. Now who’s guilty?

Read a book on the civil rights struggles of the 20th century. Or salute your local dead fireman while the state force feeds a processed and packaged education to your progeny. It needs a ready supply of morons to fuel the ignorance fires of the future.


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