Our Ancestors Would Whip-Finger Noose, Then Drag the Avarice Nurtured Today


2012. Acrylic on press-cleaning sheet, 15 x 7″

Politically, my countrymen adamantly hover atop the cracks in the facade. There is less of a superpower here than a loony one with big stupid guns. Culture however, has already fallen, and visibly smashed itself on the ground floor. Arrogant ignoramuses scorn intellectualism, artists are reduced to begging their neighbors, poets have perfected writing on every emotion excepting “hate for a change”, where an overall live and let live philosophy has warped into a “I am so afraid of you that my eyes hurt” kind of fear that has everyone scuttling back to their shelters like terrified crumb stuffed-cheek grubbing chipmunks.

My country of mind-disabled men and women is mostly an unhappy place of unbearably disgusting one-upmanship.

Which is a shame since Noam Chomsky continues to declare this United States the freest place to live on earth.

Noam lives inside his own sticky bubble. One tends to lean cognitively dissonant when a highly endowed university supports your genius forever. Yes, we are free, to conform. We are free to say mean things about plutocrats or welfare recipients. A man here is both toddler and doting parents to himself, put on the couch each night, his free speech zone, to marvel at dross and yearn for longer life without living. The plumber is free to read a book on psychology, to instruct his children on mathematics, to wine and dine romantic love until the end of his time, but he does none of these things unless Hollywood or The New York Times or the NRA tells him that now it is time to think about the joy of living beyond his next purchase.

And that time never comes. Philosophy is the weaker enemy of propaganda. And propaganda, like the U.S. military, never had any intention, post WWII, of picking on anything its own size.

July 4 is Independence Day. Read the Declaration of Independence. Obviously not such an oppressive government lover, that wily Tom Jefferson. Tough words from a guy who enslaved women to have sex with them, and later helped ratify a constitution that declared Tom the lover to be making it with a tiny three-fourths of a person.

Still, slavemaster and bigot Tom, as leader of a nation, could easily fit a Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump morality beneath his dirty pinkie nail. Moderns cannot seem to understand, Hillary Clinton hasn’t any slaves, but she (and her husband) have killed many politically incorrect, innocent brown children, and Donald Trump enslaves cheap labor around the globe in order to construct more triglycerides about his midriff—both have no existential problem with the existence of Fruity Pebbles® or nuclear missiles, and both are truly disgusting human beings.

Read the Declaration of Independence, and think on why Americans have no intention of taking on a corrupt government ever again.

My take on the reason for communal mass cowardice? A majority of people (always myself included) are getting paid. Pringles® still line precious supermarket shelf space, and all Americans have allowed themselves reduced to three-fourths of a person or less. However, trumping these depressing observations, is the sad truth that most are about as deeply curious for their children’s future as pickles on smeared hot dog plates.

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