Power Head Sinks To The Bottom Of The Flint River


The French Revolution and its Reign of Terror must have been quite a scrambling time for political elites. I will read up on it soon to get some safety precautions for the inevitable guillotine. It will be an easy read since I am not a power thirsty hooker of the human race.

Governor Rick Snyder is though, and he should be worrying his size 38 slacks off. Man, this power psychosis sure had its hey day back when the peasants were quite happy being stupid, and took no offense at being labeled the “consumer class”, because they were, and historically, poor people tend to agree with any label that works and cuts a paycheck. But nobody in modern day Flint wants to consume lead water, even when their governor and his puppet president force it down their throats on a Wednesday afternoon. The people know something is heavy metals in the state of Michigan, and they will become so much more unforgiving when their children forget how to dress themselves in the morning.

If I was the governor, I’d have a sympathetic cousin hide me out in his cabin up on Hubbard Lake. I’d wear a wighat, call myself “Dick”, and never ever talk to anyone. But then again, I am a peasant, and not an elitist power hooker. As far as I know I have not helped poison school children. I have not lied about poisoning their Kool-Aid®. And if I did make a child sick, very sick, through my avoidance and negligence, I absolutely would never want a job that reminds me, day after miserable day, of my sick and twisted offenses to the human race.

Last week my family visited Hoover Dam. Wow. A do-nothing Depression President allowed for the greatest engineering marvel of his time to begin construction. Humans being human to each other, and fixing problems. The greatest dam of its time, enough concrete to stretch a highway from San Francisco to New York City, gigantic ice blocks used to set the winged figures of the republic into black dolerite, which, according to sculptor Oskar Hansen represented “the immutable calm of intellectual resolution, and the enormous power of trained physical strength, equally enthroned in placid triumph of scientific accomplishment.”

Gotta love imaginative sculptors.

He also wrote that Hoover Dam was “a monument to collective genius exerting itself in community efforts around a common need or ideal.”

80 years ago. Humans being human to humans. My father told me that when he was a boy, my grandfather spun him many engineering stories about the construction of the Hoover Dam. He went to Cornell in 1932 to study mechanical engineering. Professors and students probably spent hours and hours talking about the dam thing.

I am calling out the President of the United States. You are not even close to the level of a defeated Herbert Hoover. You are obviously a puppet who has no real power. Drinking a few ounces of lead water does not make you a good president. It makes you a very bad one. Certainly a weak one. A power hungry figurehead to our defeated republic.

Likewise, Governor Snyder, and anyone who supports him as a man who still wants to be governor, is the lowest of low, rock-bottom, of the criminal class. Our own governments have gone mafia to corporate power.

I don’t feel sorry that his head is sinking in the Flint River. I am amazed that it has not yet been stuck on a post on the Saginaw Street Bridge. I don’t know how much more we the people can be beat down before we rise up.

I guess they must think that if we ingest enough lead, we’ll forget our own names, let alone our fingers, and where to point them.

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