New York City Anchormen Are So Stupid They Can’t Count

“The NY Times Must Think Sanders Is Talking In My Daughter’s Aquarium” 2016. Acrylic on press cleaning sheet, 17 x 7″

The painting above is for sale for 1 silver dollar.

Went to a rally this week with a friend. The huge convention room made the crowd look smaller than it was. I spent a few minutes doing some statistical math, counting out a hundred people in a pie wedge, and then multiplied that number by equal slices. Turns out I came very close. I know this because our upstate policemen aren’t as mathematically challenged as New York ones, and seem able to count. Their numbers matched mine.

Now last night Bernie Sanders packed Washington Square Park in Manhattan. There were hundreds of officials to count, probably even a few university statisticians. I watched the CBS local video clip covering the rally and the anchor gave the official police count at
11, 000. The campaign and all other news sources estimated 25-30,000 people. And I don’t think they were even counting the perimeter of people bending their ear on the way home from dinner. Nor the residents in surrounding tall buildings opening their spring night windows to get a whiff of some progressive fresh air.

So these college educated anchors and anchor affiliates do not know how to count and rely on official police estimates? Who is the latter’s “official” precinct counter? I intend to vie for his position. I have always wanted to set up studio in Manhattan. Obviously I am a better counter than their present employee. Or, I can anchor for the local network, if it would like to begin a revolutionary movement and report the news.

There were 25-30,000 people in Washington Square last night. And one very stupid New York City Police department.



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