The Super-Predator


“Super-Predator” 2016. Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20″

Now is the time to cordon off all super-predators from our hearts, minds and apathy. I had it with the Bush’s last decade. Now the Clintons are creeping up on dynasty. All politics, even monumental avarice, aside, the persistent question I keep asking myself: What makes a human being so deranged as to want to be a president after being a president’s spouse?

Geeze, my wife has a sound job as a manager in a publications department of a successful company. Still, I would never want her job after she was through with it. One of us was enough, and just look at all the future status, gifts and secret service personnel guaranteed unto death! Never a dull moment.

What kind of personality shoulders that heavy dysfunction? It can’t be good.

We must be spaced-out silly to have allowed such overload psychosis to prey on the office of the presidency.


    1. No. I’ve had power, an abundance of it, raising children. Even though my wife and I are still biologically capable, and as much as we do love our girls, I would not want to do it again:)

      1. It is an interesting take you have, which I haven’t hear anyone else articulate: why the hell would anyone want to go through all that shit again? Do despots ever retire? If it’s not the power, perhaps fame, relevance, being in the limelight, feeling important…

        I’m really clueless because I seem to lack whatever the crucial element is that spurs one to want to be any kind of a politician, and I can’t imagine taking myself seriously enough to run for president. Though, Bernie seem a lot less like it’s about him, and more like he’s doing something for a movement, and basically just a good guy fighting for what’s right against power. Hillary, to me, represents power.

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