Disenfranchised In This Crappy State

“The Famous Bledsoe Painters Are First To Cast Their Vote During Arizona Reconstruction” 2016. Acrylic on paper, 15 x 23″

New York primaries coming up on the 19th. I want to vote for a progressive Vermont Senator, but I cannot because back in 2012 I changed party to vote for a progressive Texas congressman. Hard to believe that in the height of the digital age, the spirit of Boss Tweed has us all locked in an archaic and blatantly corrupt voting system.

Let me explain for those who do not reside in the “We adore empire” state of New York.

No person can vote outside of registered party for primary elections. I understand that the two parties are very private. For instance,  my state assemblyman is not a right wing American flag pin wearing Jesus worshiper as the newspaper wants you to believe. He likes to snort little piles of cocaine at his private get-togethers, and then assumes that news doesn’t travel outside his ugly lawyer orgies.

I would have had to change party affiliation last October to qualify as democrat in this April’s primary. A six month head start! For whom? I could tweet my party affiliation in a second. Of course then serious progressive candidates would win elections, and the United States might gradually develop into a happy pro-Denmark nation, and not a crazed lot of television psychopaths with sugar cereal spilling out onto the floor.

This is not a Republic—never was it a democracy. In New York, the election process is rigged. Therefore my governor, and the majority of senators and assemblymen are criminal. They perpetuate a con as if there is nothing rotten going on in Denmark. Lucky for them, they are also super delegates…

Sure, I get to vote, but not for the candidate I desire. So here in New York State of bananas I will join the other side and write-in my cocaine assemblyman—just for fits and wiggles.


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