I Went To The Guggenheim and All I Brought Back was Gnostic Insanity

Round Trip Stuckism


I just returned from New York after a couple days in the city that should go to sleep. A warm Saturday afternoon in New York stepping off the E train eager to take a stroll through the park with my family. Crossing the street to look at a map and immediately accosted by a thin thug pushing a ride in a dirty pedicab. For three dollars a minute one of his desperate coolies will pull human flesh and bone a few hundred yards to give the feeling of what it was like to be a nobody English snob of calcutta a hundred years ago. The company takes no care of the cabs and drivers. They look already chewed and washed last June. No dignity or devotion. Each might have been happy as a little boy licking snow 25 years ago. Now they survive on the street like cold pigeons with arms and their hands held…

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