Esteemed Painters Stepanov and Makarov Travel To St. Petersburg While I Go All George Grosz Inside

Round Trip Stuckism


I recall a story of about George Grosz leaving the Great War emancipated from humanity, years later dressing up as a rich dandy, strolling about Paris openly hostile to governments of all shapes and sizes. The small-minded, fat cat leaders, coddled by the cowardice, fear, and knee-jerk, boring reaction of military weak men, humiliated, starved and mutilated an entire generation of hopeful youth over teeny-tiny rich people problems—Grosz would never forgive them their psychotic trespass…

Likewise I, as nobody painter, wake up a hundred years later on a Saturday morning eager to see the story of this art odyssey to Russia’s northern capital, only to discover in a news feed that the government men of both countries haven’t studied their lesson on Grosz, paying more attention to the racist Woodrow Wilson and the misanthrope Nicholas II. They are small-eyed, unloved men, incapable of art appreciation beyond the “state of the art” gallery at a munitions factory.

I will not speak…

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