Round Trip Stuckism Is Sister Site Because It Pays Me


Mr. President, We Begin Recording Your Congratulations In Three Minutes. Please Take Your Seat by Lena Ulanova

Here are some links for those interested. I received a grant to work with Russian painters and exhibit our work together in the Fall. You can keep abreast of the project at Round Trip Stuckism. It’s more fun posting the work of others. Too much of me for too many years. I’ll be over there for a while.

Here are some recent posts. Recommended reading for painters seeking communion:

I Hope We Draw a Box On Monday. My Figurative Skills Are Unskilled

Four Government Buildings By Makarov

Nero Lyred While Rome Burned, But Was He Any Good, and Did He Know?

Because Alexey Stepanov Can See

Struggle and Then Change

Two Very Recent Paintings From Austere Architectural Theme

I Owe Much To Alena and Her Sense of Life Taste

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