Boeing Bombs the Last Happy Atoll On Earth; Gets Inducted Into the International Pansy Hall of Fame


2015. Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12″

I would have less problem with Boeing today, or for that matter, a lifetime, if it could refrain from advertising its mass murder weapons and calling them “Peace Keepers.”

This must be a very short post made as juxtaposition to speed things up. It’s nearly Christmas. I have wrapping to do. And I can hear the big bombing sissy birds up in the sky…

4 B.C.E. — The Prince of Peace born

1997 C.E. — The JDAM bomb born

A nearly word-for-word paraphrase from an article in my local newspaper a few days before the invasion of Iraq explaining the muscular definition of the new military workhorse:

“Within nanoseconds after being dropped above unsuspecting brown-skinned families, it (the JDAM bomb) will release a crushing shockwave and shower jagged, white-hot metal fragments at supersonic speed, shredding flesh, crushing cells, rupturing lungs, bursting sinus cavities, and ripping away limbs in a maelstrom of destruction… Instantaneously, a fireball lashes out at 8,500 degrees Fahrenheit, and the explosion gouges a 20-foot crater and hurls off 10,000 pounds of rock and dirt debris at supersonic speed.”

Maybe the magic of Elvis can remind us English speakers of what once we may have come from. Won’t do much for the unsuspecting revelers on the atoll though…

Maybe you’ll be as lucky as I, and get a Boeing commercial to set the mood.


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