The Great War On Press Cleaning Sheets


“Ethan’s First Look At a Paris Madam”


This is the last war story I shall post in “The Lucky Seven” series. Others I have are too close and painful in the people’s memories. One hasn’t even happened yet (Iran), though the propaganda machine has been in high gear for the past ten years. Back in April 2013, I would work quickly and produce seven of these in a night, starting at 7:00 p.m. Kind of plastic “stream of consciousness”—how one might look at the world while experiencing rapid blood loss because an old man with cuff links told he and his buddies to climb out of a hole and chase into millions of invisible bullets. I don’t think I am any kind of pacifist. I just despise people who think they are old enough to instruct children to kill, and get paid for it.


“View From Troop Ship Crossing the Pond”



“Captain Burke the Maimer”


“Peeking Out of Trench Before Overcome By Mustard Gas”


“Ethan After Overdosing On Mustard Gas”


“Sally After Getting Sad News”


“Flag Found In Mud Pool of Cantigny”


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