The Civil War Study On Press Cleaning Sheets


“Jennie Wade’s Last Look Out the Window”

Another war covered in the “Lucky Seven” series. Again, on April nights back in 2013, I would sink into my studio at 7:00 p.m. and paint a fast series of images depicting my general story of the war. After the seventh, I would end engagement and trudge back upstairs, exhausted. War is hell. Although I gained valuable experience with spontaneity and the palette knife, I lost too many hairs to count in the process. After each war, I vowed never to enlist again. Until the next night, when I found myself at my wit’s end, and the propaganda machine had me convinced that the other side was pure evil.

A happy note about this war. Only one civilian death at Gettysburg. And by accident! Caused as much by an over-zealous bread-baker as the stray bullet that found her kitchen.


“Man of Industry Paid For Substitute Cannon Fodder”



“A Retired Old Slave”



“Summer Clown 1862”



“Union Soldier Drunk On Decatur Street”



“General Death Smirks”



“Abolitionist Not John Brown”




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