The Spanish-Phillipine-American War Study On Press Cleaning Sheets


“Rough Riders Come Down From San Juan Hill Infected With Crabs”

More “Lucky Seven” paintings. In April of 2013, I would descend into my basement studio at 7 p.m. and not come out until seven quick studies of war were complete. On this night I must have had one too many blackberry wines because I miscounted. Or, like Mark Twain, I was that much more disgusted with a humanity that had implemented the brilliance of electric light only to illuminate their immense boredom with themselves.

Anyway, the titles are the story. I’m sticking to it.


“Albert Beveridge’s Expression at First Meeting With Beelzebub”


“Crevasse In Cagayan Valley Where Marines Dumped Villagers”


“Bourbon Street Party of Ex-Civil War Soldiers Buddying Up In Brotherhood of Racism”


“Queen Liliuokalani Stews In Prison Cell”


“Maine Sailors Roll Barrels of Gun Powder and Smoke Pipes Next To Internal Combustion Engine”


“Any Lynching Tree In South Carolina”


“The Rotten Fruit Heart of James Dole”

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