World War II Studies On Press Cleaning Sheets


“Ralph the U.S. Citizen Holding the Fence at Manzanar”

From Last Communion

More war stories. I think I’ll call it “The Lucky Seven”. At 7:00 p.m. I descend into my studio and paint seven stories onto printing press clean-up sheets. The “lucky” are those fortunate to have lived during wartime when fear gathered all the people together in violence and racism.
World History is every class necessary to earn a degree in group psychology. Groupthink is an oxymoron, and a fear that consumes me with its mighty power. Just a brief read in any LIFE magazine published during the war years to see my point.
Can propaganda alone sway public opinion? Is the latter anything that the most noise (visual and official) says it is?
I think so.


“Train Tracks to Auschwitz Unmolested”


Amphibious Vehicle Adding To Aquatic Din on Omaha Beach


“Midwest Beauty Receiving Japanese Skull From Sweetheart Stationed in Phillipines”


“Elderly Woman Being Cooked In Dresden Apartment”


“President Kill and the Roast Turkey”

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