Free Mums For The Best Guess


Mummies 2015. Acrylic on Masonite®, 11 x 14″

I often make a painting on show day to give away to the guest who can guess the answer to some impossible question like, “How much money have I made through creative effort in the last twenty years”? This exhibition I make it in honor to The Russian Stuckists who gratefully provided me with several verve injections this year. There is an upcoming show in Moscow on Halloween night—“A Night of Dreadful Paintings”, which I have been invited to submit. Here’s one. I call it “Mummies”, but friends, it won’t make it to your show, because someone at my exhibition always guesses low—very, very low. I’ll think up some other stuff. See you at the pancake cafe!

An addendum:

Yes, it was a child who guessed low, because I gave the hint of “all rational numbers” How was I to know they teach number definitions in 6th grade, or that any well-fed kid could think negatively? Well, it will hang well—his parents are sensitive people.
Hyperallergic is a Brooklyn based art blogazine—it gets the word out for Stuckism once in a while. We also got a few converts at the exhibition. I passed out the Manifesto and talked up painting until my larynx went passive aggressive:

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