Hey Screed Who Knew? You Can Hand Feed a Slug Borage


Acrylic on canvas, 14 x 11″

It’s true. Treat your neighborhood slug camp today.

An old poem for a muggy morning:

Your Spirit is Like When You Bite Into a French Fry

That is if you like French fries
Joy is the moment before the first bite
or even while chewing if you can at least
anticipate another and another
Spirit is all things joy is plus some
so you can wail harder over a loss
if your French fries are steaming hot
and you love them.

Let me put it this way…
All over the world right now
even under the tall trees of Africa
somewhere someone waits for a hot plate of fries
And if he is healthy
it may be the most important thing
to happen in a week,
even more important than meeting Mr. President
or Mr. General or Mr. Lawyer, ha ha
(I’m sorry, but I always laugh at grown-up pretend)
Even a killer might embarrass himself
while fleeking saliva all over his plate
Or a daughter at the funeral
might leap too quickly to that smoked ham

Let me put it another way…
No one has done anything right
except anticipate the French fry.
Ah, but when that is done to perfection,
I mean being exactly what you are,
there is nothing more wonderfully satisfying
than waiting for supper

Your greatest heroes had French fries on the brain
Your priest gets his on a gold-plated dish
Your father who lost everything but ketchup
would have left you if it wasn’t for that joy

Listen for once to your secrets will you?
Life is a confusing series of appetite
Just remember to drool politely while making friends


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