Stuckism in Russia Video and The Art World Could Watch To Learn Verve

Stuckism breeds enthusiasm. These young painters from Moscow filled a flat floor to ceiling (and bathroom too!) on Friday night. The video shows their auction. I sent many invitations to Moscow gallerists, museums and media. Doesn’t appear that any reps showed. (They must shun pie). The point need to be made here is that this is art. Gagosian and all of his lessor ilk, subscribe to art history and pawn it off on artless million-billionaires. This is history in the making. These are tomorrow’s artists who will sell big, or not. Now they are the non-existential. They are purpose. Tomorrow, as old men and women, they will register success in the sleep world. Please post these photos. The work! The joy! They hold the key to again define art as the action of the living.

And photos. Check out the one in the bath!

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