In Russia, They Know How Winter Can Ruin a Century


So summer is king.

I hope some of you can make it to Moscow on “the last Friday of leaving summer…” Below is the translation to the open invitation by a group of Stuckists in Moscow. They represent both the humility and triumph of painting so lacking in my country. Artists in New York City can learn a thing or two from this group of aficionados (I call them this with the highest respect). They post photos of their sessions. They learn together, drink together—plein air, cramped studio, critiquing each other with joy and enthusiasm. Shows in the woods, beside the canal, in the apartment. We Americans know nothing of painting camaraderie. Lonely business beggars locked down in the identity studio. I am so tired of existential art-think. Joy to the world! Thank you Russian painters!

Here is the Google translation to the invite above. Please go. I myself have been “corpsically” invited!


On the last Friday of leaving summer we invite you to our apartment exhibition: an event continues the tradition of the international movement stuckism – in an informal family atmosphere, you can see the work of artists from the United States and Russia, to spend time in a friendly company, where the viewer and the artist closer than ever.

Art, music and wine sunset rays … And yet – a small auction for those who want to go home with the painting under his arm;) and the lottery, one of the works – a gift to the winner 😊

Friends, we wait for you on August 28 at 19:00 at the young naturalists – notes on the meeting page, contact us and come!

Alexey Stepanov (Moscow / Saint-Petersburg)
Alena Levina (Moscow)
Andrey Makarov (Moscow)
Peter Generals (Moscow)
Michael Trubehin (Moscow)
Nikita Selyavina (Moscow)
Ilya Zelenetskii (St. Petersburg)
The corpse of Ron (Ron Throop) (Oswego, United States)

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