Human Error as Catalyst to Rapid Fish (D)Evolution


2015. Acrylic on canvas, 14 x 11″

And neither koi nor piranha ever wanted to swim in Colorado! Arsenic and lead, no more algebraic equations in the head. No more thinking fish. Just like social studies class, we have dumbed down all species good and proper. Heavy metals to pass through the gills, settle in the soft tissue. Thank you non medical college degrees! Thank you too the human “good of the world”, which seems to most times include huge sums of money somewhere, and another species’ breaking back. Last week was benzene seepage, on Tuesday radiation, by Halloween, a thirteen-month gestation, and all little Frankensteins born heretofore pour mercury on their sugar cereal to promote bone growth. Why not? It’s all topsy-turvy. Pollute a river, but if you’re the law, why fine yourself? Alter life in a Gulf of Mexico, and if you’re not the law, yet often have dinner with it, then forgo all Mississippi county jails for a lifetime of pleasure sailing. The yacht captain and crew have been to college too. They know all about the weather and the sea, and watch FOX TV. So each share the same opinion as, let’s say, a billionaire octogenarian. Believe in miracles, hope for the best, and be in the know that if you hate water pollution, it will hate you more, and continue its spilling laughter at the faces of your children. We the unmade never learned how to properly mob up and swipe a pipe at the knees of power and greed. The facade can only last as long as our brains get scrubbed by money. Bad people don’t want money as much as they need you to starve for it. Why wait for the President to declare it, government radio releases the the state of the union every hour on the hour. The Dow Jone’s Industrial Average. Every day of the year, after news of the Keystone spill in Lincoln stops all traffic west due to high slippery conditions, as an army of moaning children projectile vomit black gold.

Oh well. What’s next billionaire class? What can earth do for y’all? I sit writing between two nuclear power plants, waiting for a meltdown. I keep my lone iron pipe oiled. You frackers have been here and gone, but will come back. Soon I imagine the fresh water police pushing us back at your behest. And the sad thing is—the super majority will let them. Rupert Murdoch told the banker who told the President (who was told by the general) that all drinking water gets poured individually into plastic baggies. A dime a drink. Then a quarter or a dollar—whatever the college grads can afford this year. No worries. Smartphone prices remain static. No matter what the illusion, information still travels top down while everyone accepts the existence of the automobile.

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