Rose Spray Paints an Old Window Seat

Rose Paints an Old Window Seat

2015. Acrylic on Masonite® (3 panels), 33 x 14″

Well, it’s official. I need drawing lessons. I sat by the tobacco and sketched while my wife attacked a furniture reject she found at a dumpster. She knows how to draw and also put harmony back on track. Not me. I practice my limitations daily and dream way too much. Still, after each failure, I always make sure to color it in! Fools can have virtue too, you know… After they finish. I can’t draw, but with decent preservation, I bet our great grandkids will hang this on their wall one day, and tell visitors their own story of us. Way long after the fake Internet archive is dead.

A good Saturday morning to pull garlic and weed around the edible weeds. And I promise to keep the pencil at bay.

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