Dan Paintings and Reserve For Silent Auction


Dan preparing wine for exodus.

WordPress readers, no obligation! Just read and view for fun. The following is my reserve list to paintings being auctioned off next Sunday at my friend Dan’s going-away party. If any of you are interested, feel free to make a bid. Consider shipping costs. Thanks for putting up with Dan posts the past couple months.

Dan Paintings

I began these on April 1st, or thereabouts. An appropriate fool’s attempt at acquiring a small fortune for our friend before he embarks on the greatest odyssey ever known. The titles are printed, and next to each one is a number referring to a specific reserve marker. That means, no bids below the designation, please.

1. A fast food stop for Dan and son $16

2. A campsite for night and one bundle firewood $26.00

3. A full tank of unleaded gasoline plus two bottled waters and muffin for Rufus $36

Also, Dan has graciously offered a bottle of his country wine for any painting that brings in over $35

A. In 2008 You Wanted My Tap. I Thought You Wanted My Wife 3

B. Austin Probably Sucks 3

C. How Dan Thought After Catholicism 1

D. Dan Leo Lives 1

E. Lake Travis Fish Taco 2

F. Chaosing Hope 2

G. Dan Went To Jamaica In 1980 2

H. Dan Picking Elderberries on August Night 2

I. Eeyore Finds His Honey at Pease Park 3

J.Mr. Olson, One Less Luminary For the Memory Dock, Por Favor 2

K. Dan Photographed Mexico in 1983 2

L. Methodical Storm Clouds Form Over Anna, Texas. Ralph Fults Takes To Highway Robbery 3

M. Dan Makes Country Wines 2

N. Dan Plays Texas Hold ’Em With Bad Hand 3

O. Dan Made Existentialism Fun 2

P. Late Late Late Apples Late Late 2

Q. A Slow Hot Wind or Dan Loves Brasilian Sounds 2

R. After Kokopelli Goes, The Pox Bird Slams the Dream Door Shut on Oswego 2

S. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, You Can Call, But I Probably Won’t Let You Stay For I Fear You’ll Take Over the House 3

T. Dan, Beware Waco, Where the Biker Gangs Might Make You Play Candy Crush On a Smartphone 2

U. Dan on Lake Travahalla 3

V. Texas Has So Many Teeth 2

W. Diamondback Water Snakes Have Been Recorded Breeding in Texas 2

X. I Know Dan, Not Everything Texas is Fear and Misogyny 2

Y. Dan, You’re Heading the Wrong Way. Kanada Is Dreamy in February 1

Z. Painstakingly ‘de plinked’ From Their Sprays 2

Ñ Alone Star 2

Ch Be Good and Maybe She Won’t Wait a Half Hour to Call the Paramedics 3

Ll. Dan’s Favorite Toy On Earth Gets Swallowed By Another Fish In the Sea 2

Bob Marley for viewing pleasure

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