Dan Sails Lake Travahalla On Two-Post Saturday


2015. Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 36″

Still applying paint to mostly two-dimensional surface to stimulate money-giving at my friend Dan’s going-away party. If any reader is interested, I can offer a reserve bid discount of one gallon of mid-Atlantic state gasoline. Most likely Pennsylvania. The van will be stuffed out the windows with just a tiny fraction of Dan’s stuff accumulations to weigh down mileage significantly. Each painting at the party will have a similar reserve bid. A fast food stop, an overnight stay at a state park, a souvenir for his boy, etc.

Here is Dan in an ambiguous posture floating on Lake Travis outside Austin, Texas. Is he a viking being sent off to paradise, or a prodigal Texan seeking work?

For those living in Texas, and who have picked the latter, please consider hiring Dan. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, over twelve years experience teaching, and a voracious enthusiasm that is magnified to wild enthusiasm whenever money is a potential outcome in a venture. He is personable, sober, thoughtful, empathetic,and presently unemployed. The pick of up to ten paintings for the reader who can offer Dan a steady job in the greater Dallas or Austin metropolitan area.


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