Dan Makes Country Wines

Dan makes Country Wine

Acrylic on Masonite®, 13 x 20″

Yesterday I asked Dan if Texas gets dandelions in the springtime. Yes, yet he will miss the yellow petal harvest this year. His first rest stop in the giant state lies about fifty miles northeast of Dallas. He wants to work his way down to Austin eventually. Any readers have jobs available in either area? Dan is 58 years old holding a B.F.A. degree from University of Texas. He is a good, honest father and friend. His skills are people, teaching and foraging. His hobbies—art, wine and beer making. For an interview, watch a football game with him. He comes to your house with fixins’ for burritos, a bag of chotskies, old NY Times Arts sections, and pours you a tall craft beer with the enthusiasm of a cloistered monk. Hiring him will improve your life tremendously. He doesn’t steal. He barters. And makes you feel like you could always do a little bit more to be good.


Dan labeling his wine in my basement.


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