After 20 Years, I Made My First Good Use Of The Internet

_DSC1538 Jourdan

This little triptych could be laid over in Helsinki today en route to Moscow. A painter there has traded his work with mine over the Internet. After 20 years I have had my first business break though—The art of anti-business connection with another human being a half a world away.

Last week I contacted him via Facebook to ask if he would sell me one of his paintings. He offered a trade instead, adding that he liked my work too. He must, since international shipping ain’t cheap, and to let go of one’s work can be a religious experience. Privately, I am deeply moved. Publicly, I believe we could start a movement. There is no better feeling for an artist (writer, painter, sculptor) than reverence for one’s work. Henry Miller spoke of this throughout his lifetime. I am in the process of a trade with a printmaker and a sculptor closer to home. They have my full attention. Now I wait for my parcel to arrive from another world. It’s Christmas this spring!



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