Institutional Cognitive Dissonance Would Have Made the Star-Nosed Mole See Hell


“Think About It” 2015. Acrylic on canvas, 36 X 36″

This week’s painting punishes National Public Radio for its collusion with the natural gas industry during the latter’s propaganda campaign to bring hydrofracking to New York. These lobbyists and media who work overtime coming up with schemes meant to normalize a debate that was never a debate in the first place, are very bad men of avarice. Shame on them, but first… Mandatory vasectomies. Anyone who cannot dream imaginary scenarios, both good and bad, for an unborn grandchild, should not be allowed to replicate genes.

I have no great vision for the future of energy acquisition. My best hope is that it gets warm enough everywhere to live like Hopi before European contact, possessing antibiotics and a golden rule cherished with a religious fervor. We must be able to keep the trees and stay very careful of one another.



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