Lucky Seven Civil War Study


Jennie Wade’s Last Look Out Window

In 2013 I spent some early spring nights painting interpretive U.S. history. At 7:00 p.m. I would descend after dinner into my studio and paint seven stories onto printing press clean-up sheets. The “lucky” are those fortunate to have lived during wartime when fear gathered all the people together in violence and racism. I covered several wars while falling in love with a pallet knife. Jenny Wade was the only civilian killed during the Gettysburg blood bath. The San Francisco MoMA featured her on their tumblr site last month. Ah, the good ’ole days, when boys would be boys and kill boys. Wilbur and Orville invented the airplane, and coincidentally, mass cowardice, where it’s now a-okay to bomb indiscriminately, whether you’re blue, gray, or a house parakeet.

Jenny got hit by a stray ball in the kitchen while kneading bread dough. She must have been deaf.

This series is on auction at eBay. I am a top-rated seller.


A Retired Old Slave


Summer Circus Clown 1862


General Death Smirks


Union Soldier Drunk On Decatur Street


Abolitionist Not John Brown


Man of Industry Pays For Substitute Cannon Fodder



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