Because We Love We Suspend In His Uterine Jelly


“Don’t Name The Red Flower By The Side Of The Road” 2013. Acrylic on paper, 18 X 27″


I got a job this week to pay for paints. I worked one day and have already put myself into debt buying Golden Acrylics®. I’ll pay for them with my first check. Now the dilemma.

No time to paint. And the muse turns out the light and rolls over from exhaustion.

A poem from when I was younger doing the same “stand on your feet all day” work:

Because We Love We Suspend In His Uterine Jelly

Reflections on these days with you
How could I demand anything from them
when I got the bliss of the real womb
earth and universe now?

Everyman should want something pink to follow him
but no man is in demand
so there’s a fat chance of that happening

Let me put it this way:
To my right are clouds the color
Indian gray
and two pine tops
which beneath
nothing but wavering flowers
And to my left
the road
where you my love have gone
wanting October’s blue-gray coolness.
My love, I call you always
to see how every life circles around us

So ahead of my body
a fullness of green healthy leaves
and behind me a thought of their bright yellow turning
a thousand little school buses
into slow autumn pageants of splendid wetness
They carry you, the only living child, off to school.

My love we live in a womb a million times greater
than your doubled
My love we live in a shattering delirium of joyousness
There is someone or some thing larger than us
but not greater
spending love effortlessly like a good mother
I think it is the power of our easiness
and frank and unwavering passion for each other
that gives God the desire to paint
perfect skies for tall walls

I believe that we hold the world together perfectly
In fact, what else can they think worthwhile
than to revolve around us?


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