Say How Do You Banker Become?


How do you become a
banker cause I want to know fast
I’m falling asleep
I’m tired all the time
If I had a thousand bucks
I wouldn’t know
what to do with a woman
They’re so open
when it comes to money
Bankers get it legitimately
and steadily over time
is such a poor word
I want two hundred thousand
out to dinner every night
train rides to New York
Stop living
like a piss poor poet
when you can bank on
a hundred thousand
a million
a pool
colorful leaves
running all over the yard
rich neighbors and
quiet Sundays
Patchen is a desperately
poor scab
dead with a lot of pretty
pretty words
stuck in the ground
I got grays
and sunshine Saturday
with a green hose
and a brand new car
I want to be a bank boy
crawling over the grass
playing games with myself
all day long
and somebody cooking
special for me


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