My Fifth To The Last House Painting Party

IMG_3443 copy

The Funk Shirt Calmly Awaits Its Doom

A while back a stuckist named Grant had an exhibition of recent work, and he or a friend mentioned on Facebook how it takes a couple of weeks or more to start painting again after a show. Not so in my past experience. Showing was always a big sugar high lasting to the next one and beyond. I got into paint with even more enthusiasm after my shout out to the world at large (friends and family).

Big change this time around. The next day I felt like crawling into a mountain cave with a shade, hanging the shade on tree roots, pulling the shade down, and going to sleep on worms for the rest of my life.

I guess I’m just getting old.

Anyway here are some pictures of the second event taken by my good friend Dan Leo who is an expert photographer. He takes a hundred pictures a second, moving around and around you like paparazzi cranked up on amphetamine pizza. Makes ya feel special even while burning an old shirt at the stake. Mind you, in the audience of twenty, barring the children who are already artists, there were 6 art teachers, a dramatist, a poet, a sculptor, a printmaker, two painters, a musician, a designer, and a gallerist. Talk about mingling with your own kind. That statistic needs to change. Art is a party, open to anyone nice carrying a can opener.


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