Mr. Picasso, By December I Will Have Baked 9 Apple Pies and 3 Crisps


Some of us painters must suffice with mastering the many uses of free fall produce. Apples picked in the wild the other day were beginning to rot in the sack. If I ever get “made” I will still bake apple pies come September. Crisps are quicker. Bettys too bready. Cobblers of course are caked. This fool however, although being whipped, shall turn the art market on its head beginning next week with an idea that has been brewing for quite a while. It would need to catch on internationally in order to spoil future gilded luncheons of the million-billionaires. If implemented successfully over time, it will free the struggling creative types to once again love the work that they do, and scratch their overseers enough to matter. Fruit flies on the fool. Tiny rots in the facade.

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