Queen Nutella Shines The Herkimer Diamond


Acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 36 x 48″

This visual autobiographical romance can be a kicker. What an improvement in the packaging of human existence! The overwhelming majority go to an overpriced, sardine-wedged KOA campground gathering future memories that wane to oblivion over time. Even the happiest five minutes one had in a week can be shelved deep and dark in the brain’s Smithsonian, never again to be brought up to the reading room.

Not this memory.

We took our daughter and nephew to the Herkimer Diamond Mine. We didn’t find any crystals there in the hot sun, so later on I led them up a dry stream bed at the border of our campground. Eureka! Crystal and geode rock city.

That night a local skunk got into our Nutella® while my wife clung onto me as I shivered spasmodically. Adirondack foothills get very cool at night, and we brought only a sheet to cover our sleep.

Queen Nutella has a Herkimer Diamond tongue piercing. She would be very attractive, even cross-species-ally, if she wasn’t such a greedy gluttoness of processed foods.


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