And Swim Like Anchors In The Sea… Some Day You Will Flower My Bee

Someday You Will Flower My Bee

In Mungbeing Magazine this month.

Mungbeing is published in California. Here is an old poem I wrote when California was hydrated. Thank you Mark Givens for publishing:

All Laws Should Come From California

Cause that country’s big on brains
“Everything causes cancer”
is what Cal printed on my can of compound
Californians can’t be dumb
I don’t know if it’s in the air
or that air is in them,
But they are smarter,
maybe happier as a group
of smiling, flighty representatives of so many sad people
Make them happy
and they become knowing children
sensing evil like a bunny does in a supermarket
Unlike Mr. Alphonse
with butter dripping off his chin
and swimming in his pool of steak’s blood,
they won’t eat meat.
They shower outdoors in California
and touch food with prayers
and walk with colorful loose clothing,
and sing,
and nobody knows a frowning parent.

There is a shaded place on rocks
where spices roast on a fire
The aroma is maithuana
which means prolonged embrace
This breeze is purer than old Japan
A place too new for cars and sheetrock dust
and men hunched over dragging chords of sadness
and tiredness and old must.
Here ghee is a purer form of law
All the country’s butter was packed in the attic,
the attic stripped and burnt cause
can’t keep cows now, or jobs
Must make love your money
and if you suffer and die from it
then that’s three world’s better
from installing security systems
it cost 39 cents to roast coriander and make love
You can find the money on the beach
or sell a graft of your tanned skin
to a cheese waitress in smalltown.
And when your boss walks over to your art
and wonders why those spices in onions
You can say to him,
Well, they’re doing it in California”
and then all will be okay
because people out there are smarter
and laws against the rest of us are forthcoming.


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