Fools Even Tie Their Shoes In Love With Something

Fools Even Tie Their Shoes In Love With Something

Envy is a dead place
too dead once you’ve been there
It’s like a very deep hole, too quiet,
maybe an echo,
not a nice one though,
and that’s it
A man sitting in a chair
every night
every single similar night after night,
so many nights
knows about envy and its hole
It carried him to his chair
and kept him
and hated him
and made him copy ghosts

Fools have a room for envy
but it’s big and bright
and things like the weather change it
A brilliant autumn’s day can be orange and yellow
and there might be something blue
It could be a lake,
for it’s so unlike a hole
that only a fool understands
he is on top of the world—
the tippy top
where coins are silver
and everyone you pass
is warm
and bringing wine home in paper bags
Everyone is rich and couples are behaving like bunnies
Who can tend to a fire
and read and write
and take time to make waffles
without an iron?

Fools even tie their shoes in love with something

One comment

  1. Fools envy because they have the tendency to discuss people than discussing ideas. They narrow down their rinse of thoughts. Thanks for sharing a similar expression, I am not poetically very strong but if I would have written something, it must had been similar to this 🙂

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