I Thought I Came To Phish Without Irony Until I Saw The Old Tetrahedron Dive Into A Pool Of It

I Thought I Came To Phish Without Irony Until I Saw The Old Tetrahedron Dive Into A Pool Of It

My Heart's Desire Is That One Of You Is Drunk Enough To Buy This PaintingOh My Love When I Am Away From You

Here are three paintings I made for the concert mi amigo Dan has generously persuaded me to go to. The last one is a Valentine’s Day painting I made for dinner with Rose earlier in the year. Dan told me to paint sloths. Most Phish fans, unless zoology majors, will not be able to tell if those are two sloths in love or not. Either way, Mr. Is-it-a-sloth misses Mrs. Is-it-a-sloth when he is away from her. So I added the text, the place, and the time. Better than a t-shirt. Should sell it if the water stays in the clouds.

The middle painting I made in 2 hrs. 15 minutes, with blow dryer catalyst. I am asking $40 for it today. Again, the place and time should encourage a hallucinator to accept its exorbitant price.

The first is my favorite. This is another artist’s canvas I painted over. The tetrahedron diving into the water was actually whitie-tighties puffed out from canvas with several layers of oil paint. It was too prominent not to be the subject of the new painting. There you have it. I am the old yellow tetrahedron diving into a pool of irony.

Phish must understand very well the irony of aging. Of finding themselves playing the same song over and over to drunken children whose youthful desire cannot fathom the lead singer’s knowledge and respect for Italian marble tile. They still think Phish makes bathtub gin with the same girlfriends they had in 1991.

Well, I hope to dip into a dram of this lawn concert wealth. Maybe I will afford to bring home a sandwich to Mrs. Is-it-a-sloth.


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