Month: June 2014

Don’t Worry, I Can Throw A Cat Through The Clouds

Don't Worry, I Can Throw A Cat Through The Clouds

An old local weather proverb: If you can throw a cat through a patch of blue sky, it won’t rain that day.

I swear my mind changes in late spring and through summer. I get writer’s block. “More light, less write”. Very healing. Enjoy the painting. Finished Friday night. It’s acrylic on canvas, 64 x 48″. Prints of it at Minted. And you can vote for me to get temporarily rich with more paint.


Gourd Vase Wants You To Buy A Paper Painting

Gourd Vase

Here is a sign calling to my stack of paper paintings for sale at the Zink show. $18 a piece. Gourd vase has nothing to gain.

Below is the second printing of a book that Henry Miller would congratulate me on, and then tell me to stop writing and start painting right away. This will be for sale too. But you can buy it by clicking on the old self-portrait that looks like an elephant just got up off my face. Thank you.

RainyCover copy