Dyer Arts Center Day Trip With Wife and Press Release For Zinks Show


The Dyer Arts Center is a beautiful gallery. Last winter I queried to show at R.I.T., e-mailing the usual begging paragraph of introduction. A form letter, yet I always do research on each venue and leave a final word that leaves the recipient gallerist with a personal touch, whether it be just a shared memory of the host city, or an actual intimate knowledge of the specific space. My queries most times most always fail. In this instance I mentioned in postscript that their gallery needed a good cleaning—too much dust and dirt collecting on the tops of the panels. The gallery is central courtyard to a three-story open plan in the arts building at R.I.T., where our daughter got her Masters. So I wrote something like, “For God’s sake, please do some dusting once in a while!” I am standing in the gallery yesterday and the curator asked me what specific things she could do to clean up the room. Now I was embarrassed because the place was in tip top shape, elegant, four-star hotel lobby beautiful (made me feel like I actually could at anytime possess a $100 bill in my pocket). I stood there re-telling her how they could do some good by cleaning the tops of the panels of their two-story building—Oops! Wrong gallery. Different building. Instant shame reddening my face.

_DSC1816 _DSC1815

A good laugh we had, and another humbling experience. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you J & S for accepting my work, paying for the U-Haul, and helping unload my heavy pieces. If you ever need your bathrooms cleaned, I am handy with a mop (aka: big paintbrush).

So. Dyer Arts Center next Saturday, June 7, 4:30-7:00 p.m.


First, though, the night before, go to Zinks for a soul refreshing art party

Zink-Poster-5.18 copy

Please read press release and pass it on to bored millionaires: Art is Work

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