Getting Ready For Two Shows and Money, Money, Money


The month of June will be busy for the hyperactive painter. I have two shows. I understand that a lot (all) of my glancers and readers will not be able to make it (June being such a busy schedule of graduation and marriage ceremony). Therefore, I shall put up some pieces online each day before the shows, starting today, with a picture of me for introduction and two works representing the feel of each show. The first, Music Box. 2010. Acrylic on wood including turntable, albums, and iPod with music already in it. 24 x 22 x 38″. Thousands of songs. $800.00. This will show in a glorious basement screen printing shop. I will not leave a speck of white on the proprietor’s walls. Salon style circa 2027. It will be blasting rock and roll ummph all night long.

Music Box

Play it loud!

The next, in a more subdued University environment: The Painter Has No Dowry. 2013. Acrylic on panelboard, 96 x 48″. $1,200.00. A steal for a thousandaire with a blank dining room wall.

Play it mellow.

Wish me luck and lots of money.


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