Best American Painting For Week Ending April 24

Lemons and Lavender

It’s title and specs? Lemons and Lavender. 2014. Acrylic on canvas, 48 X 36″.

You can have it for free after fusing the conviction within me that I should keep painting into old, old age and beyond. Also, I will need money. What does the best American painting this week go for on the rat fink market exchange? Geeze Louise, we give Q-tips a recognizable number. Someone please price fix my work, and thereafter, rub a thousandaire’s nose in it, to make a sale to save my sanity.

Lemons and lavender are words from Henry Miller in Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch. Twilight Sparkle is walking away from princess castle and being violated by Clear Channel’s paid for goons. Their aortas are flower snakes with halitosis tongues. They are singing songs about how to make her horse butt thong-ready for the boys of my culture who by now are the most degenerate creatures earth has ever known.

Poor Twilight. She’s only nine, going on ten.

This is one of the best American paintings produced this week, from April 18th through the 24th. I used to submit my posts to the MoMA Tumbler site, and to their credit, the curators with eyeballs and self-made opinions posted a couple last summer. Then the director had them move their site which no longer allows peon submissions.

I think their director needs to have his nostril hairs pulled and mis-plucked by the tip. I want to see his eyes well up with pain tears. His decision has let the best American painting this week go to his greatest competitor, the MoBA (Museum of Basement Art). The curators there are only too happy to lean another masterpiece up against the wall for the cat to pee on.

Get it? Pee on.


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