I Show Off My Incontinence Because I Love You

I Show Off My Incontinence Because I Love You

Two lizards in love. Sometimes the one on the right expresses his joy too noisily and embarrasses his lover who goes blush, green, red, tan, black, blue, and lavender.

She forgives him. Chameleons are changelings after all. Who really wants to be a 9 to 5 lizard day after day? The lizard boy is fed up with the madness of a world that would steal the youthful love of eager lizards and whisk their energy into the human trades. Hence his incontinence, his wetting himself, his leap out into the street with arms waving. Wise lover lizards take siesta from the high noon desert sun. They retreat to their lizard holes to stave off the brutal heat. And sleep together on a cool smooth stone with tails entwined. Awake at dusk the couple steps out into the night to meet up with friends at the Cactus Bar. They laugh and dance, high on the sweet smell of the blooming brown-foot.

And then back home before the sun hits the doormat. A day of work. Games played. Bellies full. A smooth stone bed where two lizard spoons sleep contented into the hot day.

Thanks again for the canvases Dan. Back to the painting board. See you tonight at the Cactus Bar.

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