I Am Sorry For Posting So Often Innocent Bystander

Jennie Wade's Last Look Out Kitchen Window

Jennie Wade’s Last Look Out Kitchen Window, Summer 1863

I should read the small print. Yesterday I realized that anyone who follows my blog gets a spam in their e-mail every time I post. Well, I have been posting a lot, practically once everyday. I don’t want to be another A.C. Moore or Chase bank to good people I do not know. Junk mail from a painter is still junk mail. Therefore I will post once a week, let’s say Fridays. Give interested readers something to take into the weekend. I am truly sorry for the bombardment. Thanks for following. I shall respect your eyes from now on.

Jennie Wade was the only civilian casualty at Gettysburg (an infamous U.S. Civil War battle). She was kneading bread when a musket ball spammed through her kitchen door and into her back.



  1. Don’t worry. Most your followers are probably like mine, which is people who just hit the “follow” button so you’ll go check out their blog. And then, after a few weeks or months of their blog going nowhere, they give up. I have over 1,000 followers, and truly roughly 1% of them actually follow my blog at all closely. Most followers don’t get email notifications. I don’t get any for the people I follow.

    I’d suggest just making quality posts whenever the mood strikes you. Daily, hourly, monthly, whatever. But I’m not a successful blogger, soooooo

    1. Thanks Eric. Of the few I follow, it was your notifications that made me assume everyone was getting mine. Ha! No, it’s just that you were the only one ever posting. So, yea, I’ll take your advice and post whenever I feel the need. Geez, I’m paying for the connection. Might as well use it.

  2. No, my point was that I wouldn’t follow unless I was actually interested. I want the notification. Thanks for the tip.

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