Rose Dreams Bavaria With Spirit Cat

Rose Dreams Bavaria With Spirit Cat

Foreign Window. Yum. Travel.

If there is a wealthy Bavarian with a guest cottage, please consider hiring me for the summer. I will paint your Alps. Every one. All the flora and fauna too. And you can keep the canvases to sell to your contacts in Munich during the autumn rains. I have a wife and child in my charge. I will worry about their board, provided that you board me extravagantly. I will share my hams and cakes with them and paint the Danube down to the last lucky salmon. Tramping your forest in dream at dawn and dusk… Breathing in the mountain air so deep that the tips of my toes expand and release with enthusiastic mirth. I’ll need a room that can get messy, materials, and cheerful encouragement. I want your wife to be an elder Gretel who is maternal yet still dreaming like the child a confectionery cottage. We will spread the witches’ ashes at the base of the elder bush to level the soil pH, and work all day like the peasant I am and always will be until the first yodel of sunset hushes the song of the yellowhammer. We are a healthy burden no more the morning the elderberry has ripened to black purple.

What an affordable way to acquire several Throops for your collection. Paintings with you and your family in mind. A real connection. Have the maid air the place out in late May. Let me know as soon as possible the exact date to arrive. I have to plan and secure the girls a passport.


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