Some Winter Work

If I Were Mao, This Poem Is Why I Outlawed Commuting

“I I Were Mao, This Poem Is Why I Outlawed Commuting” Acrylic on canvas. 18 X24″ 2014

Go to the show. I only have a few more free days on Viewbook. Prints are way, way overpriced (I haven’t been able to manipulate their pricing system). Contact me if you would want the original for less.

Spring, please.

The poem in this painting is a piece of something from Kenneth Patchen:

O let the print/of her hurrying sandal/be unrecorded in the/meadow’s thousand deaths/yet upon his heart/it has signed the angel’s/name. For him the/distance of the world/is never less than when he is forced to think how all he loves must soon be taken away

Patchen’s picture poems. Yes. He is the true original, the elite, and human-divine. I am of the working class. Yet still can’t get a dime, even for the French drain I dig around his colossus.

Books: Moonlight in Groundspruce Woods, Leopold Courting Rose, Last Communion, Cookbook For The Poor, and more to come.





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