I Guess I am a Moralist. You Should See Me Sleep!


I Like Drugs from My Contribution to the War Movement (2003)

I say
I do like drugs
coke and hash
all drugs
I got my stash
over my bowl of Cheerios
I scrape a rock of crack
it’s better than buttered
toast and smack
Drugs are so tasty
I’m addicted it’s true
I’d like to shoot up
a vile with you
Whatever’s in vogue
I’m an easy dirt dog
inner city rogue
frog pee in a bog
worm juice, pine sap
anything to
make us nap
pickle juice
pot balls
insect spray
morning glory seeds
spread on a pizza this way
I want us to sleep
sound and secure
while the Green Berets
shoot coolies and spics
and all those darkies
east of Fort Dix
Let’s sleep now
while the U. S.
of Addicted
Fights its war on
what makes us
the world’s greatest
a twelve pack of beer
before work after
a joint and a line
vodka bile
whiskey spine
Fifth graders addicted
to piercin’ and bongs
coke-lacing their thongs
jumpin’ jack
marbles for crack
Honey got pregnant
Daddy’s so tight
has there ever been a darker night?


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